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Now is it just me or does this happen all the time here? why all the trains that I choose to travel on get delayed for some reason? it was meant to be a quick two-hour journey which lasted me most of the day but it ended up an all day trip. From Sangerhausen I had to choose where to go to spend my last week. I'm flying out of Frankfurt and I didn't want to stay there because it's not so much of a nice city lots and on the travel Germany Facebook pages they say there's lots of spaced out druggies so I didn't want to stay there near or near the station. Frankfurt is a huge city and I just don't want to be in big cities any more this trip. I found a couple of nice spa towns such as Bad Homburg about an hour north of FF and Bad Weisenbach? or something else to the west but it was impossible to book hotels with my card situation. I just needed something easy. So when the DBahn office gave me printout of some choices for train routes to Frankfurt one route was via Kassel. This is a city but a small one which is halfway between Sangerhausen and Frankfurt... great that's where I'll go. it's only a two-hour train trip, spend some days there then go another two hours on train to Frankfurt .sorted, I had a plan. I tried a few hotel sites online and after hours of searching found a hotel that said pay when you get there, but still wanted card details. The hotel was out of the city a bit but near nice big parks and gardens and some shops down the road. My booking worked..pay on arrival. Success!

So on my last night in Sangerhausen there was a big storm. It was dark and cloudy the next morning. I just hope it holds off until I get to the station. At breakfast I had a chat to a group of 4 friends who had come to visit the roses. One of the men was happy to hear I was going to Kassel as it's his home town. Lots of parks and gardens there..you will like it. Whenever I tell people I'm from Australian there faces drop..they go oh wow! Anyone would think I have come from the other side of the Earth haha. So I bid my farewell to them and left to get my 9.53 train to Kassel. be there by lunch time. There was hardly anyone on the RE train..regional express by Abelio not deutsche bahn. As we left I could see Sangerhausen was a lot bigger than I thought with blocks of flats on the outskirts but still blending with the old..the strange pyramids you can see in photos are actually slag heaps from mining. The train went on through tiny villages and across farmlands rivers and lakes.. it was really lovely. The sky became darker and it started raining again more people were getting on as we stopped at different towns lots of cyclists with their mountain bikes and they were older people too wearing shorts and wet weather gear. what fun travelling along vllage to village on their bikes. with half an hour left to go on the journey I thought I'd better go to the toilet because I don't know how long it would take me to get to hotel on arrival and going to the toilet at stations is always tricky solo with your bags ..the toilets are usually down long flight of steps you have to pay to P and it's just all too difficult so that's my tip go for free on the train and watch where you put your feet. ok, back in my seat and a few minutes later we stopped at a town God knows where and a lot of the bikers got out and the train did not proceed...suddenly there was an announcement all in German every body sighed and started to pack up all their gear and get off...what wait.. what's going on? we're not there yet I don't understand I said out loud. Someone came to my rescue... there is problem with the train track we have to get out and take a bus to Kassel. Everybody departed the train. as this was going on I quickly opened my bag and got my coat out... so I followed everyone to the bus stops out front of the station. it was still raining lightly but fortunately the bus shelter had a covered roof. must have been about 50 people waiting then within a few minutes another train stopped. everybody got out came running across to the bus stop with us hey we were here first so we all waited at least half an hour it was dismal, cool and boy I'm so glad I went to the toilet when I did. In situations like this we need chocolate I said to my neighbours..the young German kids around me laughed we have chocolate! of course you do you have everything in your backpacks I said...one young girl pulled out a block of orange flavored milk chocolate and broke off and broke off a whole row for me..danke shon! this is wonderful I have no idea where I am but chocolate made it a whole lot better. Some girls got together to get a group taxi and asked me if I wanted to join them taxi I'm not paying for a taxi I paid for my ticket to the station..thankyou but no I'll wait for a bus. A short while after someone pulled a prank and said a train is leaving for kassel..half of us ran back inside..but it was a prank..the rest that stayed behind had been through this before. finally a bus came and a hundred people tried to squash on...they were literally squashed up against the door and I thought I'm not getting on there. I'll wait to the next one. After an hour I was fed up. I asked the young kids with the chocolate to mind my bag while I went into the office to ask she said there will be another bus for the rest of you..number 30 it will be here in 5 minutes. I ran back outside and announced to everybody waiting a bus is coming in five minutes and we all fitted on. Most of us got a seat. I hurried on and got a sideways seat where I could push my bag up against a barrier. Thank God I was sitting down now as I had been standing all that time at the bus stop. I know from when the train stopped it had about 15 minutes left of the journey to go said so on my ticket. I don't know where this bus was going but it went everywhere else up hill and dale, across a mountain through every Village from here to eternity and we were on the bus for one hour and 10 minutes good grief it was raining all the time and the driver was very heavy on the brakes which freaked me out a bit. I kept looking at my watch and had a loud woman standing near me with a quiet husband and a baby in a stroller. Every man and his dog was on there...yes true dogs allowed on bus and train here. Finally we got into Kassel hbf it was only a smallish station with a few shops. it was now about 2.30 or after. nothing here I can eat I went into the Burger King asked for gluten-free buns.. no... I don't care if they're not gluten free I'll just have some chips and I had a shake I needed some food as it was passed was way past I don't care time so sat there for a while eating my treat after that ordeal of a journey. Due to it being so late in the day and way past I dont care time, I took a taxi to my hotel ..was about 13 euro. went up to the door which was closed and said please check in at hotel next door...WHY IS EVERYTHING SO HARD!!! so I pulled broken wheel on bag down the street.. these two big hotels are now joined together by a corridor.. the poor sister one for budget solo travellers and the rich brother one for the likes of Andre Rieu and many other celebrities have their photos in the corridor. My WISE card wouldn't work checking in...getting so tired now.. fortunately I have my card from home and it worked. I had a room..a little home for 5 nights to take it easy before I go home.

Tram on main road out of the city..many parks nearby..shops up the main road..everything here I need. I walked up to the local Lidl ( Aldi competitor?) bought a few supplies and two two liter water bottles by this stage it was six o'clock it took the whole day to do a two-hour train trip and get to hotel incredible! I see many itinerary posts on Facebook saying two nights here three nights there.. they do not take into account situations like this when trains are stopped and there are delays. They have no idea of all the fun and games involved. The hotel room is very spacious and well much more posh than what I've been used to and I can use the rich folks entrance and nobody knows the difference. The train had to stop due to water over tracks and trees down after last nights storm..here in Kassel it was bad. Im OK..thanks for your messages. Will have a relaxing week. the end 🐵

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🥰 glad blues are gone and sun is shining xx

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