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Kassel- land of fairytales

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Kassel is a modern small city with a long history. It was severely obliterated in world war two as there was many targets. Many factories were here such as locomotive, tanks and aircraft manufacturing. It was also a military headquarters and had important highway and rail links to other cities. Many were killed and the rest homeless. Not much was left after the war, the whole town had to be rebuilt which took many long years. there are a few old buildings here that were restored but most are new and made to look old. one place that was spared was the Wilhelmshohe Castle and the massive area of Berg Park Willhelmshohe on the now edge of town, but back then it would have been out in the country. I have seen on TV the very special cascade and trick fountains here and was excited to learn that it only operates for short period on a Sunday and Wednesday afternoon over the summer so thought it worth the trip. Sunday morning I packed a picnic lunch and water and headed off on two trams to get to the park. This is the largest Hillside park in Europe and as soon as you get off the tram you start going up and up and up. But first I went to visitor centre and bought a map and asked what times the water cascade will be on today. He looked at me as if I were going to bite him and then said sorry no water today due to the storm, well I was really disappointed. Well now that I'm here will go look at the Castle. Here it looks all very modern inside and has a collection of fine arts from the old masters...It was getting warm. Outside I went and found a spot under some huge oak trees for my lunch...I didn't think I would make it to where the water does cascade because it was just so far and so high but I did eventually hours later make it to the lower pool. I stood and watched everybody then walk up the steep steps to the Hercules Monument but I just couldn't go any further.. I was beat.

As I can't post any pictures at the moment Google Hercules Kassel and read all about it and see pictures.
Here is a link to video of the cascade...https://youtu.be/_VKUO7M4Iog

also on the way I walked over to the Lowenburg Castle which was actually a fake Castle built by the leader of this state as a spot to take his mistress.. it was all closed up. Overall it was disappointing that the water was not on today but it was nice to walk around the park. but there are many parks here in Castle and I think I probably could have chosen and easier one it was a perfect sunny day with beautiful blue sky just like a summer day should be the chemtrails planes must have had a day off because there was not one in the sky all day and the sky was free of fluffy cloud. I know why they turned the water off ..it's because the park and trails were littered with storm damage..leaves branches and sticks all over the paths. I was constantly stepping over them. The public follow the water as it cascades down and run as it takes 10mins to get to the next location. It really wasn't safe. Later near the Orangerie I saw a huge tree had come down and been split in two. They had cut away the branches over the path. Kassel must have been hit worst during the storm a few nights back to close the stations and cause much mess.

On Monday morning I could hardly walk. I wore my sandals and the strap had bruised my foot. Should have worn my walkers. It had turned cool and rained in the morning, so stayed in bed. By 2pm and starving, I walked up to the small shopping centre for food. No fridge in this room so it's difficult to keep food. On Tuesday I went for a long walk to find a big park near me but could only find locked sports grounds and a big stadium so gave up and went to town. Visited the Grimm Welt a museum about the authors Brothers Grimm who lived here for 30 years. They were inseperable and lived together all their lives even when one married. I was expecting an enchanting romantic scene but it was all too modern for me. I wanted pictures of Hansel and Gretal and the big bad wolf but got holograms and audios one interesting thing I learned is they started a dictionary of the German language. every word took much research of the history and pronunciation. It was their greatest work and took over 100 years to complete, with updates and others taking over after they were gone. I give the museum a 4/ 10. I enjoyed my stay here but probably would not have come if it were not a stopover for Frankfurt. There were constant ambulances on the main road at least every 30 minutes reminding me we are now suffering in a new war. Masses are dying and many still not awake to what is going on. There are still bombs in the sky here, there is still poison in the disguise of health and safety. After all these years we have learned nothing. The deaths are very bad now in UK and Europe.

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